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Corinthos Penthouse


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Daytime Emmy nominations were announced on 3/14. GH received no acting or writing nods, but did pick up a nomination for best show.

Official statement posted at "My contract expired today but I will stay with the show 4 more weeks to wrap it all up for them. I am not leaving because of money issues or contract issues. I am leaving because my heart is telling me I'm done. When a thing is done it's just done for me. I want other things right now and I hope to move into directing in the next 10 years, full time. Tell the fans I love them, and appreciate the support and love they have shown me. Tell them I'll be working again soon, hopefully for the same network, just in another time slot. Peace, Sarah.''


Upcoming Spoilers:

Possible spoilers from Maurice's 3/10 fan events:

Scene where Sonny yells at Carly soon, and Sarah jumps

Sonny goes to see Sorel in jail, Sorel says something about Carly, and Sonny grabs him and starts choking him


Rumors, Speculation, and Board Buzz:

Sonny, Carly, Alexis, Ned and a NuGuy (possibly Lane Davies) get a story together. Carly possibly sets up NuGuy with Alexis, not knowing he's Helena's plant.

Tony is Michael's real father. Tony is murdered and Carly is a suspect.

Lila Quartermaine dies.

Sonny signs over his 1% of Deception to Carly.

Sandra Ferguson (ex-Amanda, AW) is being eyed for an extremely pivotal GH role.

Zander could be connected to Carly's past through Charlotte Roberts or Frank Benson.

Any of the following could come to GH: Lane Davies, Roscoe Born, Robin Mattson

Gia sabotages a camera during a photo shoot, which leads to an accident that scars Liz and makes Gia the Face of Deception. Gia confides in Carly and Carly keeps her secret. Carly tells Sonny she didn't sabotage Liz and he believes her but Jason doesn't. This causes tension between Sonny and Jason and Jason and Carly. Jason and Liz grow closer.