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Destiny by Jess

Chapters 6-10


Destiny CH6


"Why does Zander have to stay at Mr. Guy’s house?" asked Kiara the next morning.

"Honey his name is Sonny. I told you that already. And Zander has to stay there because Sonny took responsibility of him for a little while."

"How come?"

"Don’t ask so many questions Kiki." Said Zander coming in the penthouse. "You know how mom hates that." he grinned at his little sister and looked at Carly, "I asked Sonny if I was allowed to go out…you know cause of the danger I mean. He said it was cool I would have a guard so I thought I could take the kids for lunch. If that’s okay…?"

"Of course it is. I need to talk to Sonny anyway."

Carly knocked on the door to the penthouse next to Jason’s. She opened the door when he yelled come in. "Uh is this a bad time?" she asked seeing him at his desk.

"No. Come in sit down." He followed her to the couch. "What’s up?"

"I want to know how much danger Zander is in if he testifies against Serel."

"I’ll take care of him Carly."

"Fine I get that but…I heard these people are powerful even when behind bars. I don’t want anything to happen to him."

"Serel is a pretty powerful guy but…I’m even more powerful then him. I won’t let him touch Zander. You have my word."

"I’m trusting you with a huge piece of my heart here Sonny. I promised my sister I would always protect him…if something happens to him-"

Sonny took her hand without thinking, "it won’t." he said softly. She was staring into his eyes and he into hers. It felt like years before anyone moved. Carly pulled her hand away and looked around the room, "uh thanks."

"No problem. Look I decided to help Zander even before we knew who he was and I won’t back out now." Sonny watched her leave. What the hell was he getting himself into here? He was supposed to b thinking of ways to help her kid, not thinking of ways to get her in his bed. He hadn’t felt this attracted to anyone since…Brenda. That scared the hell out of him.


Zander smiled as he watched Sean chase Kiara ahead of him on the docks. "Away from the water Kiki." He said loud enough so she would hear him.

"They let you out?"

Zander turned to see Emily’s friends…and her ex. It was him that had talked. "I got bailed out." He replied easily. These people were Emily’s friends and he didn’t want to start anything with them. He looked over at Lucky, "thanks…I mean for talking to your brother."

"I did it for Emily…not you. She seems to care about you…don’t hurt her man."

"Zander would never hurt no one!"

Zander looked down and saw the Sean and Kiara had come over, "relax Kiara." He looked back at the group, "look I don’t plan on hurting Emily…that’s the last thing I want."

"Well it’s to late for that isn’t it?" asked Juan moving closer to him. "You tried framing her for murder, you drugged her, kidnapped her, and now you’ve somehow brainwashed her into thinking your just some misunderstood guy."

"Zander let’s go." Urged Sean. He didn’t like these people. "Kiki’s hungry. Come on."

Zander kneeled down and looked at Sean, "see that bench down there. I want you to take Kiara and wait for me there okay? I’ll only be a minute." When they had gone he looked back up at Juan, "I asked Emily to leave me alone…she doesn’t want to. That’s her choice to make…not yours. And who is it you think hurt her the most? The guy who said he loved her and then cheated on her? Excuse me…twice wasn’t it?"

"You don’t know a damn thing about me and Emily."

"And neither do you. Maybe if you tried listening to her instead of telling her what you guys think is best for her…then you would no something about her."

"What’s going on?" Emily walked down the steps and looked at the angry faces of Zander and Juan. "What did you do?" she asked looking at Juan.

"Oh and it has to be me right? Is that how it is now?"

Emily nodded sadly at him, "Yeah Juan…that’s how it is. Cause it seems like every time I turn around you are starting something with someone. I told you how I felt about Zander, he’s my friend, just like the rest of you. And if you can’t deal with that…then the hell with you. I won’t choose and if you make me…you won’t like my pick." She took Zander’s hand and pulled him away. "Sorry about that."

"No I’m sorry. Those are your friends and…I seem to have screwed everything up Emily and I wish…I wish your life could get back to normal. I wish everything would be okay for you."

"Hey," she said stopping before they got to where the kids waited. "I made my choice…I can’t ignore the feelings I have and I don’t want to. I care about you…and I won’t stop because everyone wants me too. Even you."

Zander touched her face gently with his hand, "you are so beautiful and I…I am lucky to have you in my corner."

"So does that mean you’ll stop fighting me?"

Zander looked over at the kids, "hey guys you think Emily can join us for lunch?"

"Yeah!" said Kiara excitedly, "can we go now though?"

"Yeah I’m hungry Zander." Said Sean.


Sonny took the papers from the fax machine and sat at his desk. Benny had gotten back to him quickly. He opened the first page and started to read. It was everything on Frank Benson’s life. And some more stuff about Carly. When he got to the part of her sister he felt his chest closing in. He knew Christina Benson…a long time ago. He read on and a name caught his eye. He dropped the paper and grabbed his coat. "Johnny get the car ready. We’re going to Luke’s."


Luke looked up when Sonny came in. He wondered how long it would take him. He knew by the look in his friend’s eyes that he knew all about Caroline now. "In my office." He said slowly. They walked into the back and Luke shut the door. "How much do you know?"

"I know that your brother-in-law, partner, and best friend is your goddaughters father."

"You need to keep your mouth shut Corenthos. This can only hurt her and I won’t let that happen. She’s been hurt enough."

"How can finding out her father who she thought was dead is really alive hurt her Luke?"

"Because she grew up with that bastard Frank for a father when really her father wasn’t dead. He was alive, in and out of jail for twenty plus years. This will hurt him too."

"And you for not telling him when he first got back right? Tell me about them."

"Sally and Roy were close, but as friends. They got to drunk and had sex. He wasn’t with Bobbie at the time. After it happened we came back home. A few months later Roy was dead and Sally called me to find him. I told her and she broke down. I went to see her and she told me she was pregnant. Laura and I visited a hundred times those first five years. I was Caroline’s godfather and Laura her godmother. When we went on the run I promised Sally we would still find a way to come by. When she married Frank the visit’s started to stress her out. He was jealous of how close Caroline and me were, of how close Sally was to my family. I didn’t give a damn what he thought. I thought he was a jerk…but now I know he was worse then just a jerk. I don’t know what that girl went through…I could have stopped it but I didn’t. Are you going to keep your mouth shut Corenthos?"

Sonny nodded, "until this is over. When Zander is out of the heat…you’ll tell her, and Roy. They both deserve to know Luke."

"To know what?" Carly had only heard the last line. "What’s going on? Is this about Zander?"

Luke looked at Sonny and then at Caroline, "nothing to do with Zander baby doll." He went around his desk and kissed her forehead, "how you doing?"

Carly shrugged, "I’m alive right? I came to take you to lunch."

Luke groaned, "as much as I would love that darlin I have to meet Laura. Who by the way is very upset that you haven’t been to see her. Why don’t you come to dinner tomorrow night? Bring the kids, hell Sonny why don’t you come too?"

"That depends on who’s cooking." Said Sonny grinning.

"You will let Aunt Laura cook right Uncle Luke?"

Luke pretended to be offended, "I’ll have you both know," he said as they left the office, "that I am a damn good cook. Just because I burn something a little doesn’t mean it don’t taste good on the inside."


Carly really didn’t want to be doing this but Jason had convinced her to take a night off. He had gotten Zander and Emily to stay with the kids. She walked into Luke’s with him, Sonny, and two bodyguards. She wouldn’t be staying long. They found a seat and Carly watched as the guards stood off in a corner of the room where they could see everything. "So…what is it you guys do for a living?" she asked smiling when they looked at each other and then at her and back at each other again. "Ha! I thought so." She shook her head, "your just like Uncle Luke Jase, you always have been. Living isn’t living unless you’re doing it dangerously."

"You used to feel that way too."

"Yeah well I’ve had about all I can take of danger."

Before either of them could question her about that Jason’s phone rang, "Yeah?" After a few minutes he hung up. "Listen I uh…I hate to do this Carly since it was my idea but I have to go."

"Problems?" asked Sonny.

"Nothing big. Will you make sure she gets home alright?"

"Of course." Sonny watched his friend leave and then looked at Carly, "so uh…since I get the idea you live the way Jason used to I guess you don’t have a job."

"I’ve had several actually. Mostly in clubs or bars though. What about you, is uh…the organization your only job?"

"Jason and me run a coffee business that is strictly on the up and up. I own stocks in ELQ, and a casino."

"Wow. Busy man."

Sonny grinned, was she flirting? "So tell me more about you. Are Sean and Kiara’s father around? Anything I have to worry about?"

"And why would you worry?"


Carly’s eyebrows raised and she smirked at him, "and who says you even have a chance at the prize?"

He grinned wider this time and said, "you’re avoiding the question."

"No. There fathers are not around or waiting or even remotely in the picture." She answers hoping he would grin again, he had the most gorgeous dimples. "What about you?"

"Nope no men in my background."

"Ha you’re so funny. Tell me something Corenthos, why did you start helping my son before I even got to town?"

"I felt bad for him. I know what it’s like to be 16 and not have anyone. I know what it’s like to be in trouble, and alone. I figured by helping him I could make up for past mistakes." Sonny winced, he hadn’t meant to tell her that.

"What mistakes?"

"Oh you know…just stuff from the past, stuff that doesn’t matter anymore. Will you dance with me?" he wanted to stop her from asking more questions.

Carly wanted to say no, she didn’t want to be close to this man, but for some reason when she opened her mouth a yes came out. Sonny stood up and took her hand walking with her to the dance floor. A slow song came on and she looked over at the bar, Luke was by the radio and grinning like a fool. She knew he’d been watching them all night. Sonny pulled her close against him and she wasn’t sure if it was his heart she felt beating or her own. She sunk closer and rested her head in the crook of his neck. She shut her eyes and pretended…just for a little while that her life wasn’t the way it was. Then he spoke and crashed it all, "I want you Caroline, I have since I saw you step off that elevator."

Carly pulled away from him, "take me home." she said.

Those were the words Sonny had wanted to hear but he knew she hadn’t meant it the way he wanted. Their night was over. She looked scared as hell.

Destiny CH7


Carly sat as far away from him in the limo as she could. She prayed he wouldn’t say anything but he did, "what did I do wrong?"


"I meant what I said."

"I know."

"And I think you want me too. Is that so bad?"

Carly closed her eyes to block out the pain, "yes…yeah it is."

Neither said anything until they were in the elevator and on the way up to the Penthouse apartments. "Why is it so bad? What’s so wrong with us wanting each other?"

"Because I can’t get involved, I’m leaving as soon as this whole mess is over."

"Who said anything about getting involved? I’m not saying we wouldn’t but…you don’t have to leave. If you just tell me…I can help you."

That’s what Aaron had said and Keith…and look where it got them. She couldn’t believe it again. She couldn’t… "No one can help me Sonny, not even a big bad mobster like you."

"Let me in Carly." He said softly as the doors opened.

"I can’t," she said walking to Jason’s door.

Sonny was getting mad, "Damn it why?"

"Because no one is safe when they’re around me okay!" She opened the door and slammed it on his face.


Zander heard the door slam and got up, he was almost to the door when Sonny walked in. "What’s going on?"

"Nothing. Where are the kids?"

"Asleep. Jason came home so I came back over here. Who slammed the door?"



"Damn it kid I have no idea."

"What did you do to her? Jason said you guys were out…if you hurt her-"

"Shut up." Said Sonny pouring himself another drink. "I didn’t hurt her. She’s just upset. She probably went right up to bed. Tell me something kid…why is she so afraid to let me help her? And what the hell are you guys running from this Frank guy for?"

Zander froze, "no one can help us okay…no one."

"You want to kill Frank Benson…your own grandfather, why Zander? Let me help you."

"Look he’s just…he’s a bastard okay? Pure and simple."

"I get that Zander. Why?"

"I can’t…she would never forgive me for telling you. I’m sorry Sonny, you’ve been helping me and without you I would still be in jail but…it’s up to my mom who knows what. I won’t betray her."

Sonny watched as he walked towards the stairs. "I knew your mother you know. Christina I mean."

Zander froze and then slowly turned and walked toward the couch where Sonny was sitting. He sat down. "How?"

"I met her in New York. I lived in Bensenhurst but me and some of my friends had gone into the city one day. She went there on a class trip. The teacher had given them some time alone, with just some upperclassmen as chaperons. They agreed to let the juniors go out on their own so they could go out on their own. Chris got separated from her friends. She looked so scared…and I told my friends to beat it and went to see if she was okay." Sonny had missed Zander’s face as it turned white as a ghost.

"She talked to you? She used to bug me about talking to strangers." He said with only a slight smile. This couldn’t be true…

Sonny laughed, "she actually told me to get lost and not exactly in that way. She was a little harsher. But I wouldn’t. I told her she looked lost and that I could help her. She finally agreed and I started walking her back to the hotel they were staying in. I took the long way…there was something about her that made me want to get to know her. I told her all about me…" She was the first girl Sonny had ever told about his stepfather, and how his mom died. "We ended up in the park and I bought us some food and we sat on a bench and talked for hours. She…Zander she told me her father was an awful man that did awful things. He hurt her bad…which makes me think he’s hurt you and Carly."

"What happened after the park?" he didn’t know why but he needed to know. He had to know.


"I walked her back to her hotel and begged her to sneak off with me later. I told her I wanted to talk to her some more. So she did. After the teachers had made their bed check she snuck out and met me in the lobby. We talked all night and the next night too. On her final night there…" Sonny smiled remembering. "Things happened you know? Anyway when I brought her back to the hotel around five in the morning I asked her not to go in. I asked her to stay with me. Told her I wouldn’t let her father hurt her anymore."

"But she didn’t…"

"No. She said she had a little sister at home and she couldn’t leave her there alone."

"I told her we could go get her sister but she said no. She was afraid her father would hurt me. I…I got mad…said some things I shouldn’t have…and then we never saw each other again. But I never forgot her…she made me talk about things I never wanted to talk about…she was a special person."

Zander stared at him, did he know? Did Sonny know he was his father? And were the things he said true? "I think she told me about you. She said she had met a special man…she said he had brightened her life for as long as she could let him and then he was gone. I always thought you had hurt her…but I guess it was just the circumstances."

"If she had said yes to staying…I would have never left her. Why would she tell you about me? That was a long time ago."

"She wanted me know about…my…" Zander got up and ran out of the penthouse. He knocked lightly on Jason’s door and then went in. Carly and Jason were both in the living room but they weren’t talking or anything. "Mom?"

"Zander honey what’s wrong?" asked Carly standing up. Sonny came in then and she stiffened little but asked, "what did you do to him?"

"Nothing." Said Sonny. "What did I say Zander?"

Zander shook his head, "I can’t…"

"You said she wanted you to know about your…your what Zander?" Sonny’s heart was pounding hard in his chest. In a way he had known…since reading her name. But he had to be sure.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Sonny man was going on? The kid is white as a ghost." Said Jason looking almost as worried as Carly.

"Are you bugging him about what we were talking about? Corenthos if you don’t start minding your-"

"Mom it’s not that. He…he was telling me…about my mother. He met her. When she was in New York…on a class trip." Zander said it slowly almost wishing he had just walked up the stairs when Sonny said he knew his mother.

Carly’s heart pounded, she had known this. Somehow in the back of her head she had known. But she hadn’t wanted to believe it. He was Michael Corenthos. He was the man that had hurt her sister. "Alex go upstairs…you can sleep with Sean tonight."

"No." said Zander. "I need to know ma. I need to be sure."

Carly took a deep breath and looked at him through the tears in her eyes, "your real name…is Michael?"

Sonny nodded, "she didn’t like Sonny…so she called me Michael. How long have you known?"

"I suspected…but I didn’t know for sure." She said. She looked at Zander, "baby I am so sorry you had to find out this way."

"What’s going on?" asked Jason.

Zander like Jason had never said anything asked, "so Sonny’s my father?"

"Your father?" asked Jason.

Zander looked back at Carly, "you knew all along where he lived…and his real name…why didn’t you ever tell me? I asked but you said it didn’t matter."

"Because it didn’t. There was no way we could have come here at the time you asked. And we didn’t even know for sure he lived here, your mom had said he planned to move here."

"But he is here Carly!" said Zander almost yelling. "All these years we ran and he could have helped us. All these years Kiara and Sean could have had a regular life, I could have had a regular life!"

"Zander you know that’s not-"

"What not true? Bullshit! You’re so afraid to let anyone help us because of what happened to Uncle Aaron and Keith. You didn’t want to come here and ask because you were afraid. Which is the same reason we have been running all these years. My mom told you that he could help us!"

"What?" Carly’s face paled, "Zander what are you talking about?"

"I heard her Carly. She asked you to take me and run…after she…was gone. And then she said that my father could help us. I always thought it was because you didn’t know where he was…but you did."

"And what was I supposed to do. Come find a man that had no idea who I was and that he had a son and ask him to risk his life helping two complete strangers?"

"Momma? What’s going on?" Sean was standing at the bottom off the stairs rubbing his eyes.

Zander looked over at him, "go back to bed little man."

"Zander why are you crying? Why is mom crying?"

Zander looked at her, "why don’t you tell him mom? Tell him how your fear has screwed up our entire lives!" Zander turned and ran for the door. He didn’t even go to the elevator he went straight down the stairs.

Carly stood in the doorway not knowing what to do. She had never known he felt this way. Maybe he hadn’t either. "Momma? Where is Zander going? Is he coming back?" asked Sean and she could here the fear in his voice.

Carly went over to where he was. Jason had gone to him and he was cuddled to Jason’s side. She kneeled down and hugged him, "he just needs some time alone baby. He’ll be back."

"Why was he mad?"

"Don’t worry about it Sean…just go back to bed okay?"

Sean started to turn and then looked at her and she saw the tears start to fall from his face, "I don’t want Zander to go away again momma."

Carly trying hard not to cry anymore pulled him against her, "I know Sean. But he won’t…what’s the rule baby?"

Sean smiled slightly, Zander had told him this all his life, "no matter how much we fight we gots to stick together. Cause we’re a family and that’s what families do."

"That’s right, and Zander will do that. He’ll be back. Can you go back up to bed now? Sleep with Kiki if you want to." She watched as he walked up the stairs and opened the door at the top and went in closing it again. She stood up and looked at Jason, "can you stay with them?"

"Carly don’t go after him. Rick followed him he’ll be okay. Give him some time." Said Sonny.

Carly shook her head and laughed, "my son is the master of getting away from people. If he doesn’t want Rick following him then he’ll lose him. Not even your bodyguards are that good."

"Listen then let me go." Said Jason. "I’m the neutral party here. Maybe he’ll listen to me." Carly just nodded her head slightly and Jason kissed her forehead, "it’ll be okay Caro." He said softly and then left the penthouse.

Carly sunk into the couch and closed her eyes hoping when she opened them this whole nightmare would be over. "Close them as long as you want Carly but…this thing isn’t going to disappear." Sonny sat down beside her. "Now will you tell me what’s going on? Let me help?"

"You don’t give up do you?"

"Not when it’s something important like this. Tell me about this Keith guy and…uh Aaron right? What do they have to do with anything?"

Carly shook her head, "I can’t…I know you don’t understand but…please Sonny just drop this. I may have lost the boy I have loved like a son since he was born tonight…I can’t deal with anymore then that."


Destiny CH8


"So what’s up?" asked Emily as they walked onto the docks. "Why are you so upset?"

Zander took her hand and led her to the bench. He knew he was risking her being grounded for life but he needed her right now. "Sonny’s my father." After getting her through the shock he explained everything that went on. "I basically told her I hated her Emily…but I don’t. She’s my mom…she was a like a mother to me even when my real one was alive. But I am so mad. But at the same time I understand and…I love her so much."

"Tell me about it Zander." She said taking his hand and holding it gently.

"My grandfather Frank…he used to hit me…my mom and Carly too. They were old enough to leave but it was like…he wouldn’t let them." Zander went on to tell her everything that had happened in eight years. Everything he’d been afraid to talk about before. "That’s why I didn’t want to get to close to you, to let you get close to me. I knew I would have to leave again…"

"It’s to late Zander…I’m already close and so are you. If you weren’t then…you wouldn’t have come to me tonight."

"This is so very touching." Came a voice from the side of them. "The first love is always so sweet."

Zander stood up at the same time Emily did. He used one hand to push her behind him. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I saw that my grandson was in trouble." He laughed, "I see your Aunt has found you? Was it a happy reunion?"

"Go to hell Frank. Stay the hell away from my mother. I won’t let you hurt us anymore."

Frank put out his hands and made them shake, "I’m so scared boy. Can you tell? It’s very sweet, you defending her even now after you found out she betrayed you." At the look Zander gave him Frank laughed again, "I heard the whole conversation with your lady friend there. So you found the bastard who planted your seed in your mother huh? Another touching reunion? Or is it not so touching? What’s wrong boy cat got your tongue?"

"Why do you keep doing this Frank? Go home…leave us alone for once."

"Don’t tell me what to do Alexander! Your mother is coming home once and for all. I can’t wait to get my sweet grandbabies under my roof. That Kiara…she sure is a pretty one."

Zander lunged at him then and grabbed him by the throat, "you stay the hell away from my mother and brother and sister. I swear to god if you put one hand on them I will kill you myself." Frank used his hand to push Zander away. Zander was strong but not strong enough to take him.



Luke looked up to see Roy standing there. "Say what?"

"There was something about Carly…I couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered when I asked about Sally a few years back you said she married some guy named Benson but died a few years later. Frank Benson was his name. Frank Benson is the man Carly is running from and her last name is Benson…but the years don’t add up. She’s mine isn’t she Luke?"

Luke slowly nodded his head, "yeah partner she’s yours."

"Why didn’t you tell me?"

"It didn’t matter then. Carly was on the run…not even I could find her. And when she got here to town…she’d been through so much I didn’t want to put her through this."

"Didn’t matter Luke? Didn’t matter that I have a daughter and grandkids? Man…you should have told me."

Luke nodded, "I know partner. And I’m sorry."

"You always are Luke. Why don’t you try telling the truth next time and save yourself the apology? Now tell me what kind of trouble my daughter is in."

"I don’t really know."

"But you have an idea."

"Yeah…yeah I have an idea."

"Please don’t leave Uncle Luke." Begged eight year old Caroline.

"I have to darlin, you know it isn’t safe for us to stay here to long. You’re going to be okay baby doll."

"I don’t wanna be here without momma."

Luke hugged her closely, "your daddy loves you baby, he’ll take care of you."

Caroline shook her head, "no! Please Uncle Luke…please."

"You’re breaking my heart spitfire. I have to go but we’ll be back. We always come back. I love you darlin. Go on into the house now."

She started crying then, "Please Uncle Luke…"


"I didn’t understand why she was beginning me not to go. The next time we visited…she was withdrawn and I noticed things weren’t right but I thought it was because Sally was gone. After a while I realized what kind of man Benson was…but by then Carly wouldn’t leave. Her sister was sick and she refused to leave her…there was nothing I could do but kill the man."

"But you had your own kids to think about…damn it Luke I wish I had been there. I would have taken care of her."

"I know man. I know."


Carly paced back and forth ignoring Sonny. He had to come home soon. Jason had been looking for him for hours now. How far could he have gotten? She was about to ask Sonny to call Jason when the phone rang, Sonny jumped up but Carly got to it first, "Hello?"

"Hi can I speak to Jason Spencer please?"

"He’s not in right now." Carly said glumly.

"Do you have any idea how to find him? This is Arlene Hathaway from General Hospital. A young boy was brought in and the girl with him gave us Jason’s name and this number."

"A boy? What’s his name?"

"Alexander Benson."

"Oh God that’s my son. Is he okay? What happened?"

"Ma’am I think you should come down to the hospital right away."

"Please…tell me he’s okay?"

"I’m sorry…you should get here as fast as you can." The lady hung up.


Carly and Sonny rushed through the emergency room doors at General Hospital. Emily saw them and ran over, "they won’t tell me anything Carly. Please find out…"

A doctor came over then, "Sonny." He said. Then he looked at Emily, "Emily you really need to lay back down. Your mother and father will be here soon."

Emily shook her head, "I’m not going anywhere. Tony this is Zander’s mother."

"Where’s my son?"

Tony took a deep breath, "Zander was severally beaten and has been unconscious since he came in. We took him in for emergency surgery…I don’t know how long that will take."

"Surgery for what?"

"He has several broken ribs and one of them punctured a lung…His lungs filled up with blood and he stopped breathing…we resuscitated him and…I won’t know anymore until after the surgery. I’m sorry."

Carly unconsciously sank to the ground as the tears ran down her face. She didn’t feel Sonny lift her up or bring her to the chair. She was numb, "You were with him?" she asked Emily. "Are you okay?"

"I just got pushed down. I hit my head and lost consciousness for a little while. I…I don’t know how long but when I woke up he was…I called the ambulance and…I should have done something. I’m so sorry."

"This isn’t your fault. Emily did Serel do this?" asked Sonny. He would kill the man with his bare hands.

Emily shook her head. Her bottom lip quivered, "it was his grandfather."

Carly’s head shot up and no one could mistake the pure fear in her eyes. "Frank? He’s in town? Oh God…the kids they can’t be there right now. I need them with me."

"Carly relax no one can get to them."

"Damn it Sonny I have to protect them! They need to be here with me."

"I’ll take care of it." Sonny used to phone and called Jason. He let him no what was going on and Jason promised to get the kids and get over there quickly. "Jason is going to get them okay? You need to calm down."

"I can’t…oh God he hates me…and now he may die…this is all my fault."

"Carly Zander doesn’t hate you." said Emily. "We talked a lot tonight and he told me what happened…with Frank and you guys being on the run. He’s mad at you yeah…because you didn’t tell him about Sonny but…he loves you. He…Frank hadn’t touched him until Zander threatened him."

"He threatened him? He knows not to do that…"

"Frank was talking crazy and he said he was going to take you back home…and he said something about the kids…he said something about Kiara being a pretty one and…Zander just flipped. He grabbed Frank by the throat and told him to stay away from you guys. He loves you so much."

Carly closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them again she said, "if anything happens to him…if he dies I will never forgive myself."

"Zander is strong…I think he can survive almost anything." Said Emily.

"Not many people can survive Frank Benson." She said softly. He’d killed and hurt so many people she loved.


Carly looked up and the tears came to her eyes again, "oh God Uncle Luke." She said letting him hold her as tight as he could. She sank into the warmth and for once being in his arms didn’t make her feel safe. "I can’t lose him."

"You won’t baby doll." He said smoothing her hair. He and Roy had been on their way to see Carly when Jason called. "He was raised by you and you’re a fighter all the way spitfire. He’ll be okay."

Carly shook her head, she let go of Luke and looked up at him, "Jason’s on the way with the kids…stay with them please." She got up.

"Where do you think your going?" asked Sonny.

"To finish this once and for all." She said in a soft voice. "It’s me he wants but it’s everyone around me that gets hurt. I’ll be damned if he is going to take anything or anyone else away from me."

"And what are you going to do Caroline?" asked Luke. "Walk down the streets yelling his name? What happens if he pops out? What do you do then?"

"Dad’s right Carly." Said Jason as he came in carrying Kiara. Sean was standing by his side clutching his free hand. "You can fight him on your own. You’ve been trying that for to long."

"Zander needs you here Carly." Said Emily. "He needs to see you when he wakes up…to know Frank didn’t get to you. That’s what he was mostly scared off."

"Franks back momma?" asked Sean his lip quivering. "Is he gonna hurt us again?"

"Do we gots to leave momma?" asked Kiara. She snuggled into Jason’s chest, "I don’t wanna go."

Carly took Kiara from Jason and kneeled down so she could talk to them both, "I know you don’t baby, I know both of you don’t want to go anymore."

"He is back huh?" asked Kiara. "Did he hurt Zandy?"

"Is Zander gonna die like Uncle Keith?"

Carly pulled them both to her, "Zander is not going to die. I won’t let him hurt you guys okay? I promise."

"Please don’t go mom." said Sean. "Please."

Destiny CH9


"What has gotten into you Emily? First you defend the man that could have killed you and now your sneaking out to see him, and almost getting killed? What is going on with you?" demanded Alan.

"Could you guys just listen to me…just this once. Really listen."

"Emily we do listen."

"No mom you don’t. You hear what I say and then automatically I am wrong and you are right."

"We’ll talk about this at home Emily."

"I’m not going anywhere dad. Not until I know Zander is okay. He’s my friend and I care about him. I’m not leaving."

"Yes young lady you are. Your friend as you call him shouldn’t have gotten mixed up with Serel in the first place. Maybe then he wouldn’t be here."

"This has nothing to do with Serel. I’m not leaving, and if you make me go then I’m going to sneak out and come right back here."


Carly watched as her son’s friend argued with her parents. She wished she had the strength to say something but she didn’t. She had nothing left. The fight in her was gone. Sonny, Luke, his friend Roy, Jason, and the kids were all sitting there with her…waiting with her. The kids were asleep. Luke looked over at her and said, "darlin…now will you tell us?"

Carly shook her head, she couldn’t let anyone else get hurt. She couldn’t. Her mother, her sister, Aaron, Keith…they were all gone. And it was his fault. She couldn’t let him hurt anyone else. When she knew Zander was okay…she would go after them and she wouldn’t let anyone stop her. "Just leave me alone Uncle Luke."

"I remember when you used to tell me everything."

"Yeah well I’m not eight anymore…and you said no…"

"I didn’t know Caroline…if I had…"

"I know." She said sadly. If Luke had known to what extent Frank had hurt her…he would have killed him. She saw Tony coming and stood up, "is it over is he okay?"

Tony smiled and said, "he did good through the surgery, his lungs were repaired and he’s breathing on his own. He has two broken ribs and a few cracked ones, he has a severe concussion, several lacerations and bruises…he’ll be here for a little while."

"But he’ll be okay?"

"We won’t know for sure until he wakes up but it looks pretty good. We have him in ICU so if you all want to move up there that’s fine."

They were all about o go up when Taggert and Hannah came in. "we got word that Zander was beaten up badly. Is he okay?" asked Hannah.

"They don’t know."

"Was this Serel?"

Carly looked scared, she couldn’t say it was Serel because it wasn’t, but she also couldn’t say it was Frank. She was surprised when Emily said, "we were walking on the docks and some guy came out. I think he was just looking for money."

"Did you see what he looked like?" asked Taggert.

"I…I don’t remember." The cops left shortly and Emily approached Carly, "Zander wouldn’t have wanted me to say anything. I uh…I have to go home. My parents are making me. Can you call me…"

"As soon as he wakes up or has a change I will. I promise. Emily?"


"Thanks for being there for him. He’s never had someone like you before…thank you."

"I’ve never known anyone like him before. He means a lot to me…I wish things weren’t like they are…I wish you guys could stay here."

Carly nodded and watched her walk away. She looked over where the kids were. Jason was holding a sleeping Kiara. "Carly they need to sleep."

"They can sleep in the waiting room."

"I’m taking them back to my place. I won’t leave them."

"Frank may know about you."

"Then take them to mine and Bobbie’s place." Said Roy. "We have the room and Jason can stay with them. No one will know they’re there."

"I want to stay with my mom." said Sean going to her side.

"Hey Sean I think you should stay with Kiara…she may need you when she wakes up. She’ll be sad. How about I stay with your mom and you go with Uncle Jason?" said Sonny.

Sean looked up at Carly, "are you okay?" he asked.

"Baby I’m fine. You take care of Kiki okay? Let her know that Zander’s gonna be just fine."

Sean hugged her tight around the waist, "love you momma."

Luke left soon after everyone else did. He wanted to tell Laura what was going on before she heard it from someone else. Sonny and Carly went up to the ICU waiting room together. "You don’t have to stay."

"He’s my son." Sonny said softly. "I don’t know him…but I want to. Don’t argue with me okay?"

Carly nodded and rested her arms on her legs and her head in her hands. "God I wish I could go back to the night in the motel room and change this all around."

"You can’t…but you can make it better."

"Please don’t start…I can’t…you don’t understand."

"I understand more then you think I do."


Carly entered the chapel and sat down on the middle pew. She rested her head on the one in front of her and let the tears flow freely. God what a mess this was. How had this happened? Why couldn’t they be happy just once?

"Caro? Caro wake up."

Carly opened her eyes and rubbed them so she could adjust to the light. Her mouth opened in shock when she saw what was before her, "Chrissy?"

"Yeah it’s me Caro. You look tired baby sister."

"Then why’d you wake me up?" she asked with a smile. "Oh god Chrissy you look so good. I wished for this a million times. I need you so much."

"You don’t need me Caroline. You’ve done great on your own."

"How can you say that? Zander has to testify against a career criminal in order to get out of facing the death penalty, now he’s in here because of daddy. He’s so mad at me…everything is a mess Chrissy. My whole life is nothing but a mess."

"That’s not true. Carly do you know how great you are? You are so strong. Look at all you’ve handled and you haven’t given up. Daddy hasn’t beat you yet…and he won’t cause your stronger then me, your stronger then mom."

"No…I don’t want to fight anymore Chrissy. I’m so tired of moving my kids from place to place."

"Then don’t Caro. Take help. Sonny will help you…I told you he would. And don’t worry about not going to him like I asked. You were afraid. We lived most are lives afraid but you don’t have to be anymore Caro. Let yourself trust. Uncle Luke wants to help you so bad and so do Jason…and Sonny. Don’t be stubborn, take their help."

"I can’t…you just don’t know. He killed Keith because I let him help…I can’t let him kill anyone else."

"Keith tried to fight him on his own…they won’t. Together you guys can stop him. Don’t let Frank control your life anymore. You’re a great mother Carly...I can’t be there for Alexander but you have been…you’ve been his mother for as long as he’s been alive…even when I was there he thought of you as another mother. You’ve done all you can to protect him and your other children...let someone else try. You deserve to be happy, to have a life, let someone in Caro."

"I’m so scared Chrissy." Carly looked around. She was gone. "Chrissy? No come back!"

"Carly? Carly wake up!" Sonny stood over her and she shot up and looked around quickly. "Hey hey hey calm down. It’s just you and me here." He sat down beside her and pulled her sobbing body against him. She held on tightly to him and sobbed into his chest.

"She was here…I saw her."

"You were asleep. You were just dreaming. Who did you see Carly?"

"My sister. She was here and she told me…she wasn’t really here was she?" she asked.

Sonny looked into her eyes, she looked…defeated. He hated to see that look in her. He’d only known her a few weeks but she was so strong and it looked like she had given up. "What did she say Carly?"

"That I was a good mother, that I should ask for help…but she doesn’t understand."

"Understand what? Talk to me Carly. I wanna help you so bad…I could take care of Frank without hearing you out."

"Then why do you need to know?"

"Have you ever talked about this to anyone? Have you ever let go of it? I know how it feels when something like this builds up. It’s like it’s the only thing you have inside you. It’s like it took over your entire body. It hurts like hell. But it feels so much better to let it out…trust me."

"How do you know?"

Sonny turned in the seat so he could look at her, "when I was fourteen my stepfather beat my mother to death, he blamed me though they could never prove it. He was a cop…around everyone but us he was a nice guy…but when we were alone…he beat her and me. I never told anyone about that, until I met your sister. Once I talked about it…oh Carly I felt so much lighter. You can too. You have this huge weight on your shoulders…but it doesn’t have to be there anymore. I’ll take care of you."

Carly was quiet for what must have been at least twenty minutes. Sonny had turned back in his seat and was staring at the front of the chapel. She kept looking down, she didn’t want to look at him when she told him. "When we first moved in with Frank I was three. When I was around five he came into my room. He didn’t touch me…he just laid there, but it scared me. I told my sister the next day. She was ten at the time…she told my mom she wanted us to share a room. That day we moved all my stuff into her room. From that moment on Chrissy did everything she could to make sure I was never alone with him. I didn’t understand…she couldn’t be there all the time though. I woke up one night and she was at a friend’s house, he was standing over me. He said it was time…" Carly let the tars fall silently and took a deep breath, "he said it was time I started acting like his daughter and then…he molested me. It happened so often…it didn’t even hurt anymore. It was like I went numb…I told Chrissy about it and she said he’d done the same thing to her. She said we couldn’t tell my mom cause she wouldn’t believe us…her mom didn’t so why would mine? Plus she said if we did he would only get worse."

"Is there more?" he asked when she didn’t say anything. He wanted to find the guy and kill him…but he wanted to make him suffer first.

"On my eighth birthday my mom, me, and Chrissy got all dressed up. I was so happy…Frank was away on business so I knew he couldn’t mess anything up. We had dinner and mom brought us to a movie. When we got home he was there. Mom told us to go outside and play…we didn’t listen though. They started yelling at each other and…mom tried to walk away. She was halfway up the stairs...we had this little creek in the stairs and Chrissy and me were curled up in it watching them. They couldn’t see us. Frank grabbed her arm and twisted her around so she was looking at him. She told him it was over that she was sick of him…he grabbed her tighter and pulled her close…he said, ‘no one leave me bitch’ and then he pushed her. She would have survived but…my...oh god she told me not to leave them there a million times."

"Leave what Carly?"

"My skates…I was really into ice skating…she fell forward and her foot kicked one of my skates it flew down with her and the blade hit her head…she was bleeding…it was all my fault."

"No…baby it wasn’t your fault. You were just a little girl, you had no way of knowing he was going to do this. Why wasn’t he arrested?"

"When he saw us he told us to keep our mouths shut and go to our rooms. Chrissy took my hand and led me to our room and she just held me cause I couldn’t stop crying…they called it a freak accident…an accident. He never hit us until after that…he wanted to control us so bad…it was like he was afraid we would tell on him but…we were scared to death to do that. I didn’t even tell Uncle Luke…I begged him not to leave the last time he visited but he thought it was just cause I was missing my mom…after he left Frank called me a whiny brat and said he was my father not Luke. He beat me up…Chrissy came home and egged him on so he would leave me alone and hit her. She was always trying to protect me."

"She loved you so much." He said softly. "I asked her to stay with me in New York but she said she couldn’t because she needed to be with you."

"I remember when she left…Frank was so mad…he came into my room every night. I was eleven and by then I knew what he was doing was wrong but I was to scared to say anything. When Chrissy came back she was so sad and I didn’t know why. Then she found out she was pregnant and told me about you…she said she hated you for not understanding and for being mad…but at the same time you had given her a few days of fun, and no worry. When Frank found out she was pregnant he called her a slut…he wouldn’t let us go anywhere after that. When Chrissy got older and got a job I watched Zander…I came in from school one day and he was hitting Zander…he was only four years old. Chrissy decided then that we were leaving. We moved in with this guy Aaron from work she had been seeing. He said he would help us…he’s dead."

"Frank killed him?"

"He went off the road...his brakes didn’t work." She looked at him to see if he understood. Frank had messed with the brakes. "We went back to live with him then so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else. Chrissy started getting sick and when she went to the doctors we found out she had cancer. When I was twenty she got worse…Frank…I don’t know why he did it…he put her pills into a glass of coolaid, the whole bottle, and he gave it to her. She didn’t know about the pills…she drank it and that night she died. When they did the autopsy they found the drugs in her system…they thought she committed suicide but I knew she didn’t. She could never do that."

Sonny shut his eyes, he could feel her pain, he felt sick, this man was twisted. "He killed his own daughter."


"That’s when you left?"

"That night Chrissy had asked me to take care of Zander if anything happened to her. She had it written down that I was to adopt him. I waited until the adoption was final and I let Frank think we were staying."

"When did you leave?"

"I…Frank had some of his buddies over for poker, Zander was staying at a friends house so I didn’t worry about him. I locked myself in my room. They kicked the door down…him and his friends…"

"They raped you?"

Carly nodded her head slowly, "I should have felt something Sonny but I didn’t. I was so numb…I should have been scared or hurt, or disgusted but I wasn’t. I just lay there. A few months later I found out I was pregnant. I had never been with anyone…except when they were forcing me…so I knew it had to be one of their babies. I emptied my account and took everything I had. I had a lot, from my mom and from Chrissy…I packed Zander’s stuff and I drugged Frank’s beer and then I left."

"But he kept coming after you."


"So Sean is…his father is one of those men?"

"Sean doesn’t have a father. He has me. It doesn’t matter how I got him I love him."

"I know that. What about this Keith guy Carly?"

Carly started crying again, "uh…Keith was Kiara’s dad. When I met him it was like…man I had never felt so loved. We stayed with him for a year. Kiara was three months old when Frank found us again. Keith said he could help us…so I didn’t run. Then I came home and he was on the living room floor dead. He got shot…it was a burglary…no fingerprints, nothing to catch the guy. Zander had seen he whole thing. He and Keith had been playing video games…Keith had protected Zander. He fought with Frank as long as he could so Zander could get away."

"That’s why you’re so afraid to let anyone help. Your mom, your sisters friend, Christina, Keith, they all died because of him."

"Now do you understand? I deserve whatever I get though Sonny, I know that. But the kids…they deserve so much better."

Destiny CH10


Sonny turned to look at her. She was serious. She honestly thought she deserved all of this. "Carly you don’t deserve this. None of it. You were a little girl when it started. No one deserves something like this to happen to them."

"Why did he keep coming to me? I must have been doing something."

"He is a sick man…nothing you could have done would have changed that. He was sick and he was mean…nothing is your fault. Your mom dying or Chrissy or even Keith…it was all him Carly. Tell me you believe that?"

Carly looked at him, she knew she must look horrible, her cheeks were red from crying and her eyes were all puffy, "I’m so tired Sonny…I’m so tired of fighting and of being afraid. Sometimes I just want to die."

"Hey don’t say that. Carly for eight years you have done everything you could to protect those three kids. You are an amazing woman…I’ve never met anyone like you before. You fight with everything you have to protect those you love, your strong, smart, loving, friendly, beautiful. You’re the most desirable woman I have ever met in my life."

"How can you say that after everything I just told you?"

Sonny smiled sadly, "the stuff that happened to us is what makes us who we are. Your you because of everything that happened. It made you stronger…but let me be strong for you now Carly. Let me help you. Will you?"

Carly nodded slowly, "not alone." She said softly. "Please don’t fight him alone."

Sonny stood up and brought her with him. "I promise. I’ll have help. Let’s go check on our son."


The next morning Carly woke up with her head resting on Sonny’s chest and his arms around her. They were on the couch in the waiting room. She looked up and he smiled down at her, "good morning." He said softly. "You okay?" he knew last night had taken it’s toll on her.

She nodded, "thank you…for listening…for helping after I told you…you’ll never know how much I appreciate the things you said."

"Hey I didn’t just say them to make you feel good. I meant every word Caroline." He leaned down and placed his lips on hers. She was stiff at first but he continued to kiss her, slowly, tenderly and finally she gave in and kissed him back. "You think what happened to you disgusts me, and you’re right." He said pulling away from her. "But I’m not disgusted with you, it’s with him. I want you Carly…now more then I did a few days ago. I want to show you what it’s like to be made love to. And when your ready…"

"I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to completely trust again."

"I’ll wait." He said softly. "I’ve never felt something like this before…something that happened so quick, so much."


Carly let out a soft cry, "Aunt Laura." She got up quickly and hugged her aunt tightly. "I’m sorry I haven’t been to see you."

"Hey now don’t worry about it. You’ve had some things on your mind. I met the kids at Bobbie’s this morning. They’re great."

Carly smiled brightly, "I know. Uncle Luke told you about Zander?"

"Yeah…your cousin wanted to come but…he is sorry for planting that body in the trunk but he’s not totally convinced that Zander is innocent."

"Lucky has always thought like Luke…it’s okay."

"Laura will you stay with her?" asked Sonny.

"Sonny I’m fine I don’t need anyone to stay with me."

Sonny smiled, "I know but I would feel better."

"Well it just so happens that I have the morning free." Said Laura.

Sonny nodded and smiled at her. He looked at Carly and kissed her cheek gently, "I’ll be back."

"What are you going to do?"

"Don’t worry about it. Worry about Zander okay?"

As she watched him leave she remembered what he said last night about going to see their son. Why had Sonny Corenthos gotten to her so fast?


Sonny, Luke, Roy, and Jason all sat in the back room at Luke’s. Jason had just gotten there so Sonny hadn’t said anything yet. "What’s this about man?" asked Luke.

"First you need to tell Roy…"

"I already know."

"Know what?" asked Jason.

"That I’m Carly’s father."

"Your Caro’s father? But…oh." Jason couldn’t believe he hadn’t put this together. "Okay so he knows, I take it this is about Carly. What’s going on? Is she okay?"

"She uh…she told me about Frank last night."

"She told you?" asked Luke he was kind of hurt that she hadn’t told him.

"She had a dream…about her sister. It freaked her out and I was there. I asked her again to let me help her. Then she just started talking."

"So what’d she say? What did that son of a bitch do to her?" asked Roy.

"First thing first. This isn’t pretty not one part of it so if any of you can’t take it then leave now. Trust me not even you guys have ever heard anything this bad before. I wanted to get up and leave when she was telling me. It made me sick."

"Just get on with it Corenthos." said Luke. How badly had his baby been hurt? "Just be warned when you go after him, your taking me with you."

"That’s the only reason I’m telling you guys this Luke."

A half-hour later Luke was downing his fourth glass of brandy, Jason was pacing and Roy was just sitting there. "So what next?" asked Roy calmly.

"We find him. We know he’s in Port Charles. We just have to look for him."

"And which one of us will get the pleasure when we find him?" asked Luke. "Cause if I have a choice the man is going to die a slow and painful death."

"That’s exactly what I was thinking." Said Sonny and Jason and Roy agreed. "What about you Roy? Are you going to tell Carly she’s your daughter?"

"I honestly don’t know. I don’t want her to hurt anymore then she already has."


Carly walked in the room and sat down in the chair by the bed, "hey Alex. You’re hanging in strong the doctor’s say. I uh…I want you to know that it’s all going to be over soon. I asked for help. Sonny…your dad is going to take care of it. We won’t have to run anymore. That’s all over with. When you get out of here we’ll all sit down and talk…decided if we want to stay here or go back to Florida. Emily’s called about every ten minutes…you got yourself a life long friend in her baby. I am so incredibly proud of you. She was more calm this afternoon so she told me everything that happened. You stood up Zander…your always thinking of me and your brother and sister first aren’t you? You have to wake up okay…last time we talked we were yelling…we can’t leave it like that. I love you so much Zander…"


"She’s calling you honey…don’t you want to go back?"

"Mom? Wow…mom." Zander smiled and hugged her tightly. "I can’t believe you’re really here."

"I’m always with you Alex. Always…right in your heart and in your mothers."

"You are my mother."

"But so is she."

"Your not mad at that?"

"Of course not. That’s why I wanted her to adopt you. I knew she could give you a good life. It just took some time."

"I’ve been happy…just not all the time. I don’t want to run no more. I’m sick of living the way we do…I’m so sick of hurting. Of seeing her and the kids hurting."

"This is no way to stop hurting Zander. This place is peaceful, and there is no pain here but…out there in the world people need you. Carly, Sean and Kiara, they love you so much baby. And Emily…she loves you Zander. And you need to get to know your father, he’s a good man."

"I said such mean things to her."

"She understood. That’s what mothers do baby they understand. You go back now…you have yourself the life you deserve."


Carly looked up and saw that his eyes were open. "Oh God…how do you feel? Are you okay?"

"It…hurts but…I’m here. He…didn’t…beat…beat me. I…stood up."

"Yes you did baby. I am so proud of you. But you scared the hell out of me. We’ve lost so much Alexander and we’re all we have left…you can’t do things like this."

Zander closed his eyes, the pain was unbearable, "sorry." He said softly. "Didn’t mean what I said. I hurt you."

"No…we hurt each other. I should have been honest with you. I know you hate the way we live…I’ve known now for a long time."

"We had to…do it to…survive. I know that."

"Not anymore."


"It’s over Alex. I told Sonny everything. He’s talking to Jason and Luke right now. It’ll be over soon."

"No more…running?"

"No more. It’s time for us to take back control."


"Hey am I interrupting?"

Zander smiled, "no…come in."

Carly hugged Emily, "Thanks for coming back."

"I was sitting at home and…I didn’t want to be there." She said smiling. She walked over to the other side of the bed and took Zander’s hand. "Good thing too…welcome back."

"Thanks." Zander noticed the bruise on Emily’s head, "Oh God…he…hurt…hurt you."

"I’m okay. No permanent damage. You saved my life."

Carly kissed Zander and left giving them privacy. "I saw my mom Emily." He said whispering his chest hurt less when he whispered.


"When I was out…I saw her…she said…she told me…to come back. She said…people here needed me."

"It’s a good thing you saw her then huh? Can you do me a favor?"


"Can you try not risking your life anymore? I don’t think I could take it anything serious happened to you. I…I love you Zander and I think I have since the first day you brought me pixie sticks."

Zander laughed and then cringed at how bad it hurt, "love…you too. You changed…changed my life. Thank you…for standing…standing by me no…matter what."


Carly walked into the club, she heard voices in the back so went back there. She saw Jason, Sonny, Luke, and Roy all sitting there. "Private party or can anyone join?" she asked. She smiled then and looked at Sonny, "Zander woke up, Emily’s with him."

Luke lifted her into a hug and swirled hr around, "I told you baby doll. Any kid raised by you has to be one hell of a strong kid."

"Thanks Uncle Luke." She knew Sonny had already told them everything. She could see it in all their eyes. Luke looked like he wanted to say something. "It’s okay." She said softly.

"No…no it’s not. When you were born I promised your momma I would always be there for you. And I wasn’t. I should have known what that bastard was doing to you spitfire. You begged me not to leave you…and I did. I am so sorry. I love you…so much Caroline."

"I know." She said hugging him. "You didn’t know Uncle Luke cause I didn’t want you too. You were like a father to me…my hero and I was scared you would think it was my fault…I know now that you wouldn’t but…I was a little kid and I didn’t know that then."

"You know…helping your mom was the best thing I ever did. You’ll always be considered my daughter in my heart baby doll. But…" He looked at Roy, "you do have a father."

"Yeah but he’s dead so…"

"No Carly…he’s not. We thought he was, for so long we all thought he was. He was in jail…"


"Me." said Roy standing up. "I’m your father Carly."

"But I talked to you. You sat there and asked me how I was related to Luke? Were you laughing at me or something?"

"No. Hell no. I didn’t know you were my daughter then. I...I figured it out yesterday." Roy told her about being in jail and his work for the FBI. "If I had known your mom was pregnant I would have found a way to contact her. I’m sorry."

"I can’t…I can’t deal with this right now." She said and then turned and left the room.

Sonny and Jason both moved for the door at the same time. They stood and looked at each other. Jason finally said, "you uh go after her. I’ll start looking for Benson."

"I can look for-"

"No. I think she needs you." he knew his best friends had a thing for each other. Had seen the chemistry probably before they had. He didn’t know two people more in need of someone then them.